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Do you want to save on your electricity bill? Do you no longer know what to do to reduce energy costs? Do you always have to pay too much no matter what you do? At OLIVERS we invite you to try Biomass stoves, an ideal complement for heating your home and that will also allow you to reduce your electricity bill.


Up to 64% of the energy consumption of Spanish homes is allocated especially to heating, a very high figure without a doubt. What many people do not know is that this consumption could be reduced by half with Biomass stoves.

It is an alternative that is very worthwhile, since by reducing consumption you will also automatically reduce your electricity bills in a spectacular way. There are several alternatives when choosing a biomass stove, and you can opt for wood stoves or pellet stoves.

And currently, Spain has an energy dependence of more than 70%, while the European average barely exceeds 50%; figures that attract attention. We are one of the main countries in terms of importing fossil energies such as oil or natural gas, while we have become an exporter of biomass in the form of already processed pellets and firewood and forest remains.

Obviously, this is a situation that weakens and increases the cost of energy consumption in our country. In Spain, only 34% of the energy we consume comes from biomass, which shows that we are still not fully aware of the advantages and benefits it offers. On the contrary, the remaining 66% of the energy comes from fossil fuels, energy derived from various gases, electricity or coal.


Wood is a sustainable and very accessible fuel in Spain, which is the third European country with the largest number of forests, although we do not take advantage of it, since only a third of the wood generated is used, while 65 % of the forest mass is lost to fires.

Pellet stoves or Biomass stoves are the ideal option to make the most of this wood, and also be able to enjoy much more natural heat, in a much more economical way. And since these are much closer and more accessible resources, the economic savings are very important to take into account.

So economic savings is not the only thing you should take into account when purchasing a biomass stove, since it must also be noted that it is a totally ecological and natural fuel, which is totally respectful of the environment.


There is no doubt that firewood is the most economical and natural form of biomass. It is a product that does not contain any type of processing and comes directly from nature, with pellets being the most used option.

So if you are seriously thinking about the possibility of changing your heating system for a biomass heating system and you want to get the most out of it, we recommend that you take a look at our products.

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