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Clean Burn
Cozy and ecological home

You have every right to feel satisfied when you are in front of a Jøtul stove. Our goal is to be among the best in terms of technologies that favor the environment. This makes clean combustion technology a component of great added value.

Profitability and respect for the environment
Jøtul fireplaces with cleanburn technology require much less firewood than other stoves without this technology to generate the same amount of heat. If you light the fire correctly, you can reduce your firewood consumption by half. In this way you will achieve the highest yield from firewood without negative impacts on the environment. You will also save money thanks to the reduction in firewood consumption.


What exactly does “cleanburn” mean?
The “cleanburn” clean combustion technology favors double combustion that allows 90% of the gases and particles present in the smoke to burn and become home heat. This results in a minimum level of emissions since the home uses energy to produce heat instead of smoke.
Recycled iron
Jøtul has a strong commitment to research and development focused on sustainable production techniques. Jøtul manufactures its fireplaces and stoves in one of the most modern and clean foundries in the world. The raw materials come from recycled iron which means that Jøtul stoves come from recovered, recycled, treated and remelted iron.

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