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Jøtul has been manufacturing stoves and fireplaces from cast iron since 1853.
This material is extremely durable and resists high temperatures and sudden changes in temperature. For this reason, Jøtul chooses cast iron for its homes, just as car manufacturers use it for their engines.

Jøtul cast iron is recycled cast iron from scrap metal. This scrap is melted, the waste is eliminated, and carbon and other elements are added to form the desired mixture, in the right proportion.

When the cast iron reaches the appropriate temperature, samples are analyzed in our laboratory in Kråkerøy, and if deemed appropriate, the proportions of the metals necessary to achieve the renowned quality of Jøtul cast iron are modified.
Then, but not before, the cast iron is poured into single-use sand molds until once cool, the iron is reborn in its new form as a piece of a modern Jøtul stove.

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